Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Whites

Written by: Katherine 'Ringleader' Imp

Four months. We have been living in the woods for four months. What does this do to your mind? Your body? Your soul?

The only way for me to explain this transformation is to describe our time in the Whites...

Day 1: Mount Moosilauke

Morning -- begin to make our way to the first white mountain of New Hampshire.

All: We made it to the Whites! Woohoo! We've come so far! Together! How exciting!

Lunch -- break at shelter before beginning 2500-foot climb

Emily: Kate, what are you doing?

Kate: I'm closing my eyes until Bran gets back from the privy.

-- 30 seconds later --

Kate: *snoring*

Emily: If she's taking a nap, I'm going to sleep too.

-- 2 minutes later --

Kate & Emily: *snoring*

Bran returns: I guess I'll take a nap.

-- 2 hours later --

Emily: Why am I so tired?

Bran: It's raining.

Kate: Because you hiked 1700 miles.

Bran: I hate hiking in the rain.

Kate: We should go.

Top of Moosilauke -- freezing, rain/hail, insane wind

All: This is awesome! I feel so alive!

Bottom of Moosilauke -- ends with 1.5 miles straight down on wet rocks; follows waterfall

Kate: I wish I could just sit next to the waterfall rather than walk past it.

Bran: I hate rocks.

Emily: That took forever. I miss my 4 mile/hr pace.

Moosilauke parking lot -- people offer us a ride to a hostel in town

All: Yay! Luck strikes the traveling circus again! So happy!

Day 3: Franconia Ridge

Morning -- hike up to ridge, below tree line

Kate: This is supposedly the most beautiful part of the Appalachian Trail! Exciting!

Bran: Damnit! My shoe is soaking wet and covered in mud!

Emily: I feel like I have nothing to look forward to anymore.

Kate: You two are ridiculous.

Bran & Em: Why are you criticizing us?

Afternoon -- get to ridge, beautiful day, clear skies

Bran: This is awesome!

Emily: How beautiful!

Kate: There's no where else I'd rather be.

Day 5: Lakes of the Clouds Hut, The Presidentials

Morning -- Kate slips on wood plank. Slams shin. Falls in puddle of mud. Can't get up.

Emily: Kate! Are you okay?

Kate: *crying* Fuck the world!

Emily: Kate, you have to get up. You are lying in a puddle of mud.

Kate: My shin hurts so bad. I'm tired of feeling like shit all the time!

Bran rolls up: What happened?

Emily: Kate took a bad fall and has been lying in a pile of mud for 10 minutes.

Bran: You want me to film you?

Afternoon -- get to Lakes of the Clouds Hut, treated like 2nd class citizens

Kate: Why are they segregating us from the other hikers?

Emily: Because we aren't paying to stay here and we smell.

Kate: I hiked 1800 miles to get here. They should be bowing down and feeding me with a spoon.

Bran: I'm not sleeping in that rat-infested Dungeon.

Night -- the Traveling Circus entertains 120 Hut guests with a panel discussion about thru-hiking

Hut worker: You three can sleep in the dining hall if you'd like. Thanks for entertaining.

All: Only the traveling circus....

Day 7: hike into Gorham, NH

Mood -- changes every 5 minutes

Injury count -- not good

Emily: legs look like they went through a garbage disposal

Kate: bruised shins, bad knees, broken toe

Bran: stabbed foot with trekking pole

Transition stress -- clearly has begun

All: So ready to go home, but also don't ever want to leave....


  1. Hey Kate! You can do it! I'm SO PROUD of you. What an amazing experience. Say "hi" to Maine for me while you're there.

  2. I was hoping for serendipity and crossing paths on my trip to the white mountains, but I won't be there until this weekend. You guys will be in Maine by that time.

    Good luck and enjoy the 100 mile wilderness!

  3. "Emily: Kate, you have to get up. You are lying in a puddle of mud."

    This made me LOL. Not sure why. I am glad to hear you did, eventually, get up (apparently)

  4. Best blog post ever.

    I can actually picture all of this.

    Giant <3.

  5. wow been like a life time sinnce i wrote you guys you have come so far and yet im still in my fatory workn away did get to Vegas last week which about killed me cant imagine what hell you guys are induring its UNBELIVEIABLE

  6. Katie...that is one of my favorite blogs...not because awful things are happening to you three but because it is so realistic. I can picture you in the mud (remember those soccer days covered in mud?) and I can hear your voices with all those choice words flying right out! Please be careful. You're so close to the AT end. Keep your spirits high.......Love, Mom

  7. OMG you're doing great! it's gotta be soooo hard out there but that's exactly what will make the finish line even sweeter. If it isn't difficult then it won't be an accomplishment. you've come sooooo far. Keep up the good work you guys!