Thursday, June 10, 2010

Trail Update #5

1. Where Are We: Pine Grove, PA

2. Approximate Number of Miles Hiked: 1180 miles

3. Current Challenge: Marathon Slackpack

With the help of a friend, we are slackpacking 150 miles in 5 days . . . averaging 30 mi/day throughout PA. This puts us back on track to finish our trek around August 10. We are 90 miles into the 150 mile challenge. It rained for the entire 30 miles into Pine Grove, but the hotel with hot tub and continental breakfast has rejuvenated us to finish the challenge.

4. Ice Cream Challenge in Pine Grove Furnace State Park

It's tradition on the trail to eat a half gallon of ice cream once you cross the halfway point. Most thru-hikers do attempt this challenge, but few succeed.....

Monkey: Success! In under 35 minutes!
Lightning: Did not attempt
Ringleader: Success! 58 minutes, and only the 2nd female to finish in 2010!


College Park Crew: Jamie, Marilena, Nick, Oleg --- Thanks for joining us on the trail for a day. We had so much fun chillin' with you all, and the thru-hikers that came through really appreciated the trail magic we offered!

Adam and Christine --- Thanks for all your generosity during our time in the Shenandoahs. We had a great time getting to know you both, and we look forward to connecting with you again in the future.

For all those interested in Virginia's Hiking and Biking, check out Adam and Christine's fantastic website by clicking here: Virginia Trail Guide.

Stacy --- Thank you for providing us with dinner and showers in Frederick, MD. When we look back at our time in Maryland we will think of you . . .

Tucker --- You are truly an amazing man. Thanks to you, Prophet, Turkey, Thrasher, and the Traveling Circus had one of the most memorable nights a thru-hiker could ask for. Dinner, beds, wine, breakfast, and excellent conversation. It's people like you that rejuvenate our faith in human kind.

Care Package Trail Angels --- Thank you again to those who have sent us care packages in the mail. This includes our mothers who have been running back and forth to the post office since March. We appreciate all of your support!


Vernon, NJ [6/18/10]

Dalton, MA [7/1/10]

Here's how you send it:

Recipient Name [e.g., Katherine Imp]
General Delivery
City, State, Zip
Please Hold for Thru-Hiker
Estimated Date of Arrival: xx/xx/10


  1. Very impressed with the ice cream consumption Kate. How did you feel afterward?

    Ok kids, when do I send yet another round of snickers and gorp, et. al.? Will you eat any snickers bars in your remaining years, once you leave the trail? I doubt it.

  2. Of course you finished, Bran.

    I went to an all you can eat ice cream fest on Tuesday, and I missed you so much it hurt.

    Actually.. that might have been the 3 gallons of ice cream. But I did miss you terribly.

  3. I think of the Circus every day at lunch when I go outside to eat. I sit by the pond in back & think what the conditions are like for you guys right then. It's the best time of my day as I get to experiencs all the sounds, smells, & sights of Mother Nature. Being beyond the halfway point makes it a shoo-in for completion, barring a disabling injury!!! Don't let the solid rock surfaces of the second half get to you. ROCK ON!!!

    Mark (Emily's outdoor Uncle)

  4. I am very impressed with Brandon and Kate's ice cream eating prowess! That's a lot of dairy. Look for a package from Adam and I when you hit Dalton, MA.

  5. I never would've doubted your ability to consume half a gallon of ice cream after seeing your wonderful ridiculousness from living with you freshman year. Yeahhhh Brandon! Stay crazy.