Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Appalachian Trail : Unknown Territory Video Blog - part 8

The eighth installment of the Unknown Territory Video Blog

Check back every Wednesday for a new installment and follow along with the adventures of a lawyer, an Ivy grad, and a city chick.


  1. Nothing that will be hard about the trail?

    I'm sorry but there is a difference between being confident and self driven and egotistical and assanine.

    I'm sure this was shot before the trek was made because another installment of these "video blogs" was about Kate being LOST in the Smokies and miserable.

    Why is it that some people can't come off their high horse about their "abilities" to hike?

    I personally found this offensive.

  2. yeah the "nothing will be hard about the trail" comment may have been a little naive, but I relate to your sense of adventure.

    I feel like what you were trying to say was that even when things are hard on the trail, your spirit to be there and finish will always win out.

    I'm planning a 2011 thru-hike, and am keeping up to date with a number of you all this year.

    Keep on trucking to Maine! You're an inspiration!

  3. Poster 1: You might want to learn the difference between disagreeing with what someone says and it being offensive. You could find it arrogant, or naive, or uninformed, but I don't really see how in the world you could find it offensive.

  4. Clearly, the first poster views Kate as egotistical (which is probably true and she pretty much admits it in this piece), but how she is "asinine" and "offensive" is clear as mud. Did first poster get physically or psychologically harmed by Kate's pre-hike discourse and/or her being "LOST" and "miserable" in the Smokies? Perhaps, the poster's own ego feels threatened by confident, determined, and "egotistical" Kate. Why else would the first poster take Kate's words and actions so personally? Don't be so "offended" first poster. Kate is not going to hurt your AT hike in any way. By the way, when is your thru hike planned? I'd like to root you on.

    Almost there Kate. Keep going. I'm inspired by the crew of you!!!!!!!!!!!!