Sunday, May 9, 2010

Trail Update #3

A few updates:

1. Next town we will hit: Lexington, VA

2. Miles hiked: approximately 720

3. Video Blog: up and running! Click here.

4. Facebook Page: going strong. Click here.

5. Whiteblaze Gossip: very entertaining read

What happens when you put a lawyer, an ivy grad, and a city chick on the AT? Click here.

We've been talked about, written about, and now the video blog is here . . . Click here.


Thank you Chateau Morrisette for the opportunity to taste your wines and learn about the history of one of the largest vineyards I've ever seen. Despite our rugged looks, the people of Chateau Morrisette welcomed us in and gave us one of the best 'zero days' we could've asked for.

To the people that work for Ellen --- We love your show, and it has inspired us to find time each day to dance, laugh, and play --- whether it be on top of a mountain or inside our tents at night. Sometimes, if you just dance . . . it can completely change the day. So get ready for your inbox to be overloaded with emails because the Traveling Circus intends to come dance on your show . . .

As for the Blacksburg crew --- you guys are awesome! Thank you Sean for introducing us to some really great people in the Blacksburg/Virginia Tech area! Best barbeque ever.

7. Mail Drops

We will be delayed in getting to our Waynesboro (5/11/2010) mail drop spot due to Trail Days/Champaign graduation, but if you have sent us a care package they will keep it there until we arrive!

Thanks again to all of you who have sent us care packages and personal messages. It's hard to describe in words how much your support means to us, so I will just say thank you and enjoy the blog!

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