Monday, May 24, 2010

The Appalachian Trail : Unknown Territory Video Blog - bonus video 2

The bonus fifth installment of the Unknown Territory Video Blog

Check back every Wednesday for a new installment and follow along with the adventures of a lawyer, an Ivy grad, and a city chick.


  1. looks beautiful

  2. amazing view. too bad it's ruined with yet another complaint. try wearing gloves and learn to appreciate mother nature. i hope the movie isn't just one long grievance against the trail. this was voluntary was it not?

  3. Anonymous, why do you interpret everything in the worst light you can? Have these hikers insulted your precious trail by pointing out that there was snow, they felt cold, it was pretty, and the next mountain appeared daunting? I heard no grievance against the trail in this post, only simple and honest statements of facts. Stick to White Blaze with your idle carping and don't plan on seeing their movie. By the way, reading this blog and ultimately viewing their movie is voluntary, is it not?