Monday, March 22, 2010

Trail Update #1

Hi All! Thanks for following our blog. Hope you are enjoying our stories as much as we are enjoying our experience out here on the trail. Every so often we will be posting general updates. If you want to know more about our itinerary, equipment, documentary, or sponsors feel free to check out our Official Site for more information!

1. We have trail names!!!!!

Group Name = The Traveling Circus

Katherine Imp = Ringleader
Emily Ginger = Lightning
Brandon Imp = Monkey
2. We are currently in: Franklin, NC

Though we planned to start hiking on March 9, we were delayed by a day due to bad weather at Springer Mountain.  Thus Survivor Dave drove us up Springer Mountain's winding roads late in the day March 9.  We stayed at Springer Mtn Shelter that night, celebrated Brandon's birthday, and hit the trail March 10.

After Springer Mtn Shelter we hit:
- Hawk Mtn Shelter [7.8-mile day]
- Gooch Mtn Shelter [7.3]
- Woods Hole Shelter [11.9]
- Neels Gap [3.7]
- Low Gap Shelter [10.8]
Blue Mtn Shelter [7.2]
- Tray Mtn Shelter [7.8]
- Hiawassee, GA [11]
- Campsite [6.8]
- Standing Indian Shelter [9.8]
- Big Spring Shelter [14.4]
- Franklin, NC [9.1] ... 107.6 miles from Spring Mtn!

3. Want to send us something in the MAIL? Here's how:
*UPS and FedEx packages CANNOT be sent to Post Office
*Post Office Address (e.g.):

Katherine Imp
General Delivery
Franklin, NC  28734
Please Hold for Katherine Imp
Estimated Date of Arrival: 03/19/2010

Post Offices We Will Definitely Stop At:
Hot Springs, NC  28743 [04/01/2010]

Damascus, VA  24236 [04/12/2010]

Pearisburg, VA  24134 [04/24/2010]

Waynesboro, VA  22980 [05/10/2010]

Harper’s Ferry, WV  25425 [05/28/2010]

Duncannon, PA  17020 [06/04/2010]

Vernon, NJ  07462 [06/18/2010]


  1. Hey Guys, is there anything in particular that you would like in a care package?

  2. I'd definitely love to send a care package, but could use a few hints as to what you like/want/need... hope you're having a great day!
    -Katie Olson

  3. Small, light, high calories. Freshly baked goods. Anything Trader Joes. Sugar!

    We are like garbage disposals these days. If it's too heavy, we'll eat it at the post office!

    And of course, postcards and letters of motivation are always appreciated just as much as food.