Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Anybody Can Comment!

Hello everybody!

Thanks again for following the blog - we love knowing that there are supporters and we love to hear from you. We know that some followers were having difficulty leaving comments. The problem is fixed! If you wish, you can leave an anonymous comment. You no longer need a gmail account to leave a comment!

Hope this helps.

-Ringleader, Lightning, and Monkey of the Traveling Circus


  1. I check your website everyday and I haven't commented. Now I will start! Keep it up guys!

  2. I read eveyday also, Don't quit Katie! Keeping an eye on you. Good luck!

  3. Sitting here in the comfort of my home with my kids all tucked in to bed and envying you on the trail--living your dream!

    Stay the course and keep the faith! Don't lose sight of your goal and never, never quit!Pulling for you in Valdese, NC


  4. George and Ginny Fisher Bluefield VAApril 29, 2010 at 9:23 PM

    Good to meet you three this afternoon on Brushy Mountain, Bland Co. VA. (042910). You all are great people. I hope that we didn't slow you down too much and truly hope that you made it the 4 miles before sunset. BEST WISHES to you ALL. If nothing else.......... HAVE FUN! w4of at hotmail dot com .

  5. Love the blog and photos!! I check in with you guys a few times a week. The trees in VT are bursting with hundreds of shades of green right now. I sent a package to Pearisburg on the 26th but it may have been too late (especially if Emily is running the AT!) AL & Tango

  6. hey guys... this is "all good". Just found your card and figured i'd check on how you guys were doing. It's great to hear everything is going well. Pushing forward myself, just made it to Damascus, Va. I second your thoughts on everything form the food to the miles, and just like you guys I've become focused on one step after another, making things much easier. It's hard to get too down when every time you walk around a corner on the trail there's a good chance of getting your breath taken away! Best of luck to you all! peace "all good"